Restaurants for Change FAQ

Restaurants for Change FAQ

  • What is Restaurants for Change?
    Restaurants for Change is a national fundraising event that raises money for community food programs offered by Community Food Centres Canada and local partner organizations. On October 17, more than 75 of Canada’s leading restaurants will join together in donating proceeds from their dinner service to Community Food Centres Canada. Funds raised will support community food programs in low-income communities across the country that build better health, skills, and connection.

  • Why did Community Food Centres Canada (CFCC) launch this event?
    Canada has serious food issues—four million Canadians are food insecure, which means they can’t afford stable supplies of healthy food. Food insecurity has negative effects on people’s physical and mental health, and leaves people feeling isolated and disempowered. , At Community Food Centres Canada, we support organizations across Canada to address these issues. Restaurants for Change allows us to work with a growing number of chefs and restaurant owners and staff who want to make a difference in these issues by raising money for community food programs and raise a call for a healthy and fair food system where everyone can access enough food. 
  • Where does the event take place?
    In 2018, Restaurants for Change will take place in more than 75 restaurants in 19 cities: Vancouver, Nelson, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Stratford, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Aurora, King City, Wellington, Alexandria, Guelph, Toronto, Pickering, Ottawa, Montreal, Miramichi, Halifax/Dartmouth, and St. John’s.
  • Which restaurants are participating in each market?
    Visit for all the latest event information and announcements
  • How are restaurants selected to participate in Restaurants for Change?  We work with restaurants that offer dinner service,  and do some or all of the following:- Consider environmental impact / provenance in their procurement practices;
    – Feature local/sustainable food + producers on their menus;
    – Demonstrate a commitment to community food security through support of progressive initiatives that increase access to healthy food, build food skills, and increase engagement in food and social issues.
  • What organization in my community does this event support?
    Funds raised through Restaurants for Change support the local work of a growing number of partner Community Food Centres, including NorWest Co-op Community Food Centre in Winnipeg; The Local Community Food Centre in Stratford; Regent Park Community Food Centre in Toronto; The Table Community Food Centre in Perth; Dartmouth North Community Food Centre in Dartmouth; The Alex Community Food Centre in Calgary; The Depot Community Food Centre in Montreal; Nelson Community Food Centre in Nelson, British Columbia; and Natoaganeg Community Food Centre at the Eel Ground First Nation in New Brunswick. The event also supports Community Food Centres Canada’s national work, including our Good Food Organizations program, through which we provide grants, training, and a conference to 140 organizations across Canada. Click here for the full list of Good Food Organizations and their locations.

  • How can I get involved if I don’t live in a participating city?
    If you don’t live in one of this year’s 19 participating cities, you can still participate in the event by making a donation to CFCC or to a local Community Food Centre online at, by mail to the CFCC office, or directly to a local CFC. You can help us spread the word about the event on social media using the hashtag #restaurantsforchange.You can join the conversation online on October 17 by telling us what a fair and healthy food system looks like to you.You can also visit the Community Food Centres Canada website at to find out other ways that you can get involved with/support our national work or the work of a local Community Food Centre or Good Food Organization.

  • What is required of each restaurant to participate?
    Participating restaurants donate total food sales from dinner service October 17. They also help create awareness about the importance of a healthy and fair food system both online and through in-restaurant collateral and messaging.

  • How much money does the event raise? Where does the money raised from the event go?
    Since its inception in 2014, Restaurants for Change has raised more than $700,000 for Community Food Centres Canada and its partner organizations. Proceeds from Restaurants for Change are shared between Community Food Centres Canada and local Community Food Centres, and also support our Good Food Organizations program. 
  • What types of services do Community Food Centres provide in their communities?  
    Local Community Food Centres offer multidimensional programs that increase access to healthy food, build food skills, and create education and engagement opportunities in low-income communities. Nationally, Community Food Centres Canada strives to raise awareness about critical issues in the areas of food security and health, and works with the broader food sector to create greater capacity for impact.

  • How are Community Food Centres funded?
    Local Community Food Centres are funded through ongoing support from individuals, foundations, corporate sponsors, government, and Community Food Centres Canada.

  • Isn’t it hypocritical to have affluent Canadians dine out at restaurants in order to feed some of Canada’s less fortunate at the Community Food Centres?
    Restaurants for Change is about involving more and more people – restaurants and chefs and diners and the broader public – in creating awareness about the fact that we live in a wealthy country where four million Canadians are food insecure, without regular access to healthy food, and in saying that that’s not okay. And that we can do something about it. Community Food Centres increase access to healthy food through community meals and affordable produce markets; build food skills through community kitchens, gardens and after school programs; and support community members through peer advocacy and involve them in taking action on the issues that affect their lives through community engagement programs. This food justice approach underscores the important role of every community member in making change.

    We work with our Community Food Centres, their communities, and with the broader community food sector to prove the transformative power of good food. Together, and with supporters of all ages and demographics — from backyard gardeners to home cooks, teachers and health practitioners, farmers and community leaders — we are raising voices in calling for change and reminding all Canadians that access to healthy food is a human right.

  • How are you marketing / publicizing this event to get people out to the restaurants on October 17?
    CFCC, partner restaurants and local Community Food Centres are spreading the word via social media, promotional materials in participating restaurants, a national PSA, support from media sponsors, and via national media outreach.

  • As a restaurateur, how can I get involved?
    Please contact Danielle Goldfinger at 416 531 8826 ext. 240 to discuss how you can get involved in this year’s event!