Profile: Hamilton Community Food Centre

Profile: Hamilton Community Food Centre

Since 2017, The Hamilton Community Food Centre has been bringing people together to grow, cook, share, and advocate for good food for all. They offer programs, like their International Community Kitchen, that not only give community members a chance to eat together and cook new foods and flavours, but also make people feel like they belong.

Most of the 20 or so people who come to the weekly International Community Kitchen program are newcomers and refugees from the Middle East and Asia.

They share their cultures and languages with each other, and learn about preparing and cooking a variety of fruits and vegetables — some of which are completely new to them.

Heryka Miranda, Food Skills Coordinator at the Hamilton CFC, notes the social aspect of the program is just as important as learning to prepare a nutritious meal.

“It’s one of the reasons people come this program,” said Heryka, who noted the lunchtime conversation often includes matters related to loneliness and isolation, which some of the attendees experience. CFC staff provide contact information so those community members can get help.

Among the participants is Mai Bui, who came to Canada from Vietnam many years ago.

“This program is amazing,” she says. “We get together to prepare the food and have a lot of fun.”

Mai also said she’s looking forward to showing the CFC staff some of her Vietnamese rice dishes.

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