Meet Ryan & Carl, Our Richmond Station Supporters!

Meet Ryan & Carl, Our Richmond Station Supporters!

September 2, 2015

“It’s great being part of CFCC’s Restaurants for Change campaign as it grows nationally. I’m looking forward to seeing chefs from each region in the country work towards the same fundraising goal during the same dinner service, coast to coast to coast.” – Chef Ryan Donovan, Richmond Station

Chef Ryan Donovan and Chef Carl Heinrich have been supporting good food for a long time. As co-owners of the downtown Toronto restaurant Richmond Station, they serve up locally-sourced delicious food with a focus on using the whole animal, finding good-quality ingredients and knowing where your food comes from.

Chefs and restaurants are incredible allies in the fight for a fairer and healthier food system, and no one demonstrates this better than Ryan and Carl. This year’s participating Restaurants for Change are committed to supporting local food systems, local producers, and the right to good food for all. These generous food fighters know that we all have a role to play in changing our food system for the better.

Since 2013, Richmond Station has supporting Community Food Centres Canada, helping raise money for The Stop and Regent Park, and then becoming national spokespersons for our Restaurants for Change Event. “The opportunity exists for CFCC to spread its unique and food-focused program across the country, and I love seeing the list of chefs that are returning to this cause, and joining it for the first time,” says Ryan. “It’s such a great community.”

Thanks Ryan and Carl for all your support!

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