Five questions with Chef Nicole Gomes (Calgary)

Five questions with Chef Nicole Gomes (Calgary)

1. What does “good food” mean to you? Good food to me means love, joy, and a meal shared around a table with each other.

2. What’s your all-time perfect bite of food? Chicken (any kind of chicken) and rice — my favourite meal of all time!

3. What’s your most beloved food memory from childhood that inspires you as a chef? At the age of 8, sitting on the kitchen floor watching my mom cook us dinner.

4. What do you think needs to change in Canada to create a healthier, more equitable food system? Education! Integrating knowledge into the minds of our youth may assist in continued awareness and state of our food security. I believe that through education — from the growth and production of food to the end result of cooking a meal and sharing it together — we can build community and consciousness.

5. At Community Food Centres Canada we help build programs that grow, cook, share, and advocate for good food. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear this four words? Fill in the blanks.