Diner’s Guide to Restaurants for Change

Diner’s Guide to Restaurants for Change

On October 21, 59 restaurants across 13 Canadian cities are supporting the right to healthy food for all Canadians at Restaurants for Change. You’ve read everything about the event, excitedly perused the 59 restaurants, and booked your reservation: what’s next? Follow our guide to dining out for Restaurants for Change, and you’ll be sure to have a great night filled with delicious food, friends, and change for the better.

Share with friends

At Community Food Centres Canada, we know that a meal shared with friends can be more rewarding than anything else. We’ve seen the multiplier effect good food has at our partner Community Food Centres: where coming together over a healthy meal, working with a group in the kitchen, volunteering in a garden, or getting involved in a social justice club can lead to reduced stress, increased feelings of empowerment and belonging, and new friendships and supports. Make sure to enjoy your loved ones tonight when you’re out dining for change, and engage them in a deeper discussion about the right to healthy food in our country.

Spread the word

Let’s create some buzz around Restaurants for Change! As good food lovers, you have a huge stake in helping support the right to healthy food, so spread the word. Share a picture of your table or meal using the hashtag #RestaurantsforChange and tell us what good food means to you! You can tag us on Twitter and Instagram @aplaceforfood, as well as on Facebook at Restaurants for Change. Make sure to also tag your restaurant of choice and get the good food movement rolling online.

Be adventurous

Mix it up. Try something new. Pick something you’ve never eaten before. This year’s participating Restaurants for Change are committed to supporting local food systems, local producers, and the right to good food for all: they know what they’re doing! So feel free to take a chance on something new, and get excited about the delicious meal you’re about to eat.

Get engaged

Restaurants for Change is one part of a big movement that’s pushing for a more fair and healthy food system. What do we mean by that, and how do we get there? Well, first we need to make sure everyone has access to enough healthy food for a healthy life. At Community Food Centres Canada, we do that by providing free healthy food in a dignified way to people who need it. By empowering kids and adults with food skills and knowledge that are necessary to good physical and mental health. By supporting local food systems whenever possible. By using food as a tool to get communities together and talking about the issues that affect them. And by mobilizing people to push for progressive social policies that will address the underlying causes of food insecurity, and ensure people don’t have to choose between paying rent and providing a lunch for their kids: more affordable housing, a basic income, higher social assistance rates, a national nutrition policy livable minimum wages, etc.

We need lots of people to get engaged to make a big change in the way we do food in this country. We’d love it if you’d be one of them.

Join us

– Read the handbill you’ll find on your table tonight and have a conversation with your dinner mates about what real food change looks like

Make a donation to Community Food Centres Canada and/or one of our local Community Food Centre partners

Sign up for updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and find out more about our organization at www.cfccanada.ca.


Have a great meal tonight, and thanks for your support of Restaurants for Change. We hope to eat with you again very soon.