Restaurants for change

On October 19, 2016, we’re asking you out on a dinner date.

One night. 13 cities. 50+ restaurants. One goal:
supporting the right to healthy food for all Canadians.


About the Event

Restaurants for Change is an annual fundraising event that brings together some of Canada’s best restaurants to create change in our food system.  On October 21, 2015, 50+ of Canada’s best restaurants donated proceeds from their dinner service to support healthy food access and empowering food programs in low-income communities across Canada. Thank you to restaurants, sponsors, and diners for making 2015 another successful year pushing for a fairer and healthier food system!

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The Canteen

Burdock & Co

Le Bremner

Chez Piggy

Le Chien Noir Bistro

The Common

North 53

Bonterra Trattoria

Earth to Table: Bread Bar

Rapscallion Rogue Eatery

Papa Leo’s Restaurant

Pub Fiction


My Shanti


Riversdale Delicatessen & Market


Bar Buca

Buca (King Street)

Buca Yorkville

Drake One Fifty

The Drake Hotel

Drake Devonshire


Globe Bistro

Hawthorne Food and Drink

Hey Meatball (East)

Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse


Richmond Station

Rose & Sons

Deer + Almond

Ruby Watchco

Elements Restaurant by Diversity Foods

The Saint Tavern

Mallard Cottage

THR & Co.


Revival House

Wanuskewin Heritage Park Restaurant

Murray Street

Supply and Demand


Maison Publique

Nora Gray

Park Restaurant

Thyme and Again

Chives Canadian Bistro


CHAR|CUT Roast House



The Nash

NOtaBLE the restaurant

Posto Pizzeria and Bar

River Café

Rouge Restaurant



2015 restaurants

Toronto Restaurants

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Ben Kramer

Elements Restaurant

Soft polenta with Stewed Mushrooms and Parsley Salad

Lora Kirk

Ruby Watchco

Harissa Spiced Lamb Chops with Eggplant Caponata

Todd Perrin

Mallard Cottage

Lobster Salad

Jamie Harling

Rouge Restaurant

Leek and Potato Soup

Carl Heinrich and Ryan Donovan

Richmond Station

Beet Relish

Blair Lebsack


Preserved Lake Fish Salad

Who Benefits

We have complex, joined-up food issues in Canada: growing household food insecurity, high rates of diet-related illness, social disconnection, and an unsustainable food system. These issues disproportionately affect people living on low incomes, and have enormous social, economic, environmental and health-related costs. We need to act now, before the problem gets any bigger.

Chefs and restaurants are incredible allies in the fight for a fairer and healthier food system. This year’s participating Restaurants for Change are committed to supporting local food systems, local producers, and the right to good food for all. These generous food fighters know that we all have a role to play in changing our food system for the better.

And so do you! Join us for Restaurants for Change on October 21 and funds raised will support healthy food access and empowering food programs in low-income communities across Canada. In cities where there is a Community Food Centre (see below for the list), proceeds are shared between that centre and Community Food Centres Canada. Other funds raised help CFCC support more than 75 Good Food Organizations across Canada with an annual conference, grants, training, program resources, and other capacity-building tools. Last year restaurants and sponsors raised $120,000 to support local organizations and a national movement for good food for all. This year, we want to raise even more! Join us!

To find out more about how we’re bringing people together to grow, cook, share, and advocate for good food for all, read our 2015 Annual Report or visit











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